Finally, studies are showing that happiness can be bought!

They say money can’t buy happiness. But is that really true? Maybe not, according to an article from Psychology Today.

Of course, we all agree that it takes money to meet our basic needs: having a roof over our heads, food in the fridge, etc. That said, researchers have found that Americans improve their emotional well-being by earning a good income, up to a point, that is, an annual salary of $ 75,000. Beyond that income, people may feel more accomplished, but they don’t get any emotional benefit from their higher salary, according to a study by two Nobel Prize-winning economists.

What’s particularly interesting is that more and more research shows that money can in fact buy happiness.


Because it allows us to buy time.

This is revealed by another study published in 2017, carried out by a team of researchers among 6,200 adults in Canada, the United States, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Their survey showed that people who choose to purchase time-saving services – such as meal delivery, housekeeping, lawn care – are happier than others.

So, when money is used to buy time and freedom, it makes us happy!

I remember a few years ago, my sister asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I replied with a laugh: “Time!” She then prepared a series of homemade meals for me. It’s still one of the best birthday gifts I’ve received!

Help your clients be happier

Now the crucial question is, how can you help your clients buy time?

What if you asked your clients, “What would you do if you had more time?” I asked this question to an entrepreneur I coach. You should have seen his gaze and his smile. He told me: “Wow! If I had more time, I would do this and that…” And he started to dream of all the things he could do.

A magical moment!

So, if you are selling a service, how could you promote the time people will get by working with you? How could you sell them this benefit instead of trying to sell them on your service?

How about helping your clients make the most of the moment? Did they realize that spending $ 200 a month on housekeeping would save them precious hours they could spend on family activities, exercising, or reading and relaxing?

And if on top of that, if you show them that financially, this “expense” (let’s call it an investment) will not hurt their budget but that there is a real gain for them, how do you think your clients will feel?

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If you give them that emotion, that feeling of freedom, your clients will talk about it with those around them, because they will be happy to fully enjoy their life in the present. Their friends and their family will envy them. And in business terms, they will be more loyal and more likely to recommend you to the people around them.

All this by asking a single question that gets them to think about their current lifestyle and the life they dream of, showing them that it is possible to make it a reality.

And you, what would you do if you had more time?

…because so much more is possible…

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