– Margaret Wheatley

Imagine if you had a framework that could lead to transformative conversations with your clients?

That each conversation you had with a client increased their satisfaction and loyalty.

That you knew the exact words to use to ignite a deeper level of conversation with your clients and to bring them to take action on your recommendations.

That you understood the emotional triggers of a potential client simply by listening to the way they structure their sentences.

Well, that framework exists – it’s the world-class conversations process.

Every interaction you have is shaped by your words. Both the words you use as well as the internal process that goes on in the other person’s heard head – let it be a client, a potential client or a center of influence.

Words can influence if a person decides to do business with you or not, words can connect people or repel people, words can help you build tremendous trust and influence significantly how the other perceives you.

And the best part is… words are free to use – no need for outdated sales-closing techniques, or getting a coaching certification. It’s about understanding key fundamentals human behavior and leverage it to have a greater, deeper, influence.

Ready to dive in?

Grab a pen and paper, take notes, and learn how to create powerful change in the world around you.

…because the world needs people who really make a difference…

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