…the art of strategic communication…

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Advisors and service-based professionals

Who serve high-end and very high-end clients

Have you even been in a situation where you know you can make a difference in your client’s and future clients’ life, but you can’t find the words to get them to take action on your advice and recommendations?

These situations only lead to more frustration

  • For you, because the client doesn’t take action
  • For your future client, because they are still looking for a trusted professional
  • For your client, because they don’t achieve their goals and changes advisor, professional… hoping to achieve their objectives and realize their dreams, their aspirations

It’s a lose-lose situation

Now, imagine…

  • Having the power to influence your clients to achieve their goals more easily and quickly
  • Having the superpower to anticipate when your client won’t take action on your recommendation and proactively change that outcome
  • Help your future clients implement your advice by using simple trigger words to activate “reflexes” in their brain

If you’re here, it’s because you want to make a difference in the lives of your clients and future clients.

You want to help them achieve their goals and live their dream life.

You know that your level of success depends on your ability to get your clients and future clients to follow to your advice and recommendations.

You have the experience and expertise to help them. You have the information and the solutions to meet their needs. But… something is preventing you from really having the impact you want to have.

Sure, you can try a variety of influence or persuasion tactics presented by great marketers and “communications experts”. But, ultimately, what really works is rooted in the fundamentals of human psychology: understanding human functioning and behavioral triggers.

  • A nice sentence said at the wrong time will have little (or no) impact.
  • A word that a client associates with a negative emotion to, although we associate it with a positive emotion , will result in an objection.
  • A proposal presented in the wrong channel of interpretation will lead a client to say, “I’ll think about it” instead of an enthusiastic “YES”.
  • A solution presented with a different communication pattern from our interlocutor creates inertia.

It’s not about pressuring them, it’s about understanding them.

Why am i sharing this with you?

…because, I lived it…

I remember a few years ago, I was sitting with a client, and we were discussing his business development strategy. Oh, how excited he was: “Wow, great Sara, this is good. That’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Simply put, it was a conversation filled with praise that would make a goldfish blush.

But… the reality is that it was the third time we had had the same conversation. Three times, I presented the same plan, three times he had the same enthusiastic reaction.

But he didn’t act on it.

Has this ever happened to you?

I’m sure it has.

We have the solutions that can really help our clients – we know it, they know it (rationally, at least). But the client or future client doesn’t make the decision. He hesitates, he wants to wait, he procrastinates… and little by little, he moves away from his goal. This breaks our hearts because we know that things could be different.

It was after this third meeting that I went back to school to get my dual certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, started my hypnosis journey and plunged into the world of neuroplasticity, neuroscience and the foundations of human behavior.

I was seeking to understand what makes one person take action while others sabotage themselves, make excuses…

My obsession with finding different ways to better help my clients led me to understand the power of words – both those used by our clients and those we use with our clients.

The reality is, what I do and what you do for your clients is the same thing. Only the vehicle is different: I offer business coaching, and you’re offering a different expertise.

But in essence, we do the same thing: we help our clients achieve their goals, their aspirations, their dream life.

Understanding the power of the words we use has completely transformed my own business;it was from that moment on that I was able to really make a difference in my clients’ lives.

I myself have reached another level of success, and more importantly, together – my clients and I – we have reached another level of fulfillment.

Life is simpler and the conversations focus on what’s truly important. I don’t have to convince them anymore because they are convinced themselves.

In the end, they are more successful, more aligned and more fulfilled.

Isn’t that precisely what we want for our clients?


There are more and more people in the industry, so it’s getting harder to stand out. Everyone says they do the same thing (even if many don’t follow through…)

It’s more and more difficult for the client to differentiate between one professional and another.

On our side, our heart and soul are in the expertise we have, this expertise that helps people become better. We’re more focused on the depth of our knowledge than on applying the latest selling tactics.

We want to grow our business, but marketing “tactics” don’t work as well (if at all) when serving high-end and very high-end clients. At that level, business is done by referral, by word of mouth.

We also know that in order to get referrals, to become the trusted professional, our client relationships have to be solid and concrete – they have to be on a whole other level.

We have to be able to create what I call second level conversations with our clients and future clients. They need to feel that we really understand them and that we are there for them. That their dreams, desires, and aspirations are as important to us as they are to them.

When our relationships with our clients reach this depth:

  • Our clients take action on our recommendations
  • We have “carte blanche” on the action plan that will help them achieve their goals
  • They refer us and become our best ambassadors.

Everything gets easier and more enjoyable – for everyone.

The myth of communication

We’re determined, we have an immense desire to help, and we’re often perfectionists. We research and analyze in order to provide our clients the best advice and the most innovative and optimal solutions.

Mistake #1 : Provide even more information

One of the first mistakes professionals make is to provide more information, more research reports, more studies, to demonstrate the rationale behind our recommendation.


Hoping that the client or future client will clearly see the logic and implement our advice …

Mistake #2 : Repeat, repeat, repeat

Another mistake is to repeat information from one meeting to the next, over and over again.

Hoping that this time, the client or future client will be ready to take action based on our recommendation…

Why are these mistakes?

Informing is not communicating.

Another chart, study, analysis, meeting – none of it will make a difference.

That’s why I’ve developed a simple, effective and structured process for advisors and service-based professionals who really want to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

Those who truly care about their clients.

Those who truly have expertise to share.

By adopting strategic communication based on how human behavior works, we really get into our client’s communication patterns to talk to them in a way that resonates with them, so that they really connect with our message andrecommendations.

So they take action and get results.

Strategic communication process

…to be an impactful communicator…


  • Understand what’s going on in your client’s brain before you even offer a word of advice.
  • Uncover the client’s first and most influential conversation: the one they have with themselves.
  • Understand the influence of words, sentence structures and even verb tenses influence our message.
  • Take into consideration additional factors such as tone of voice and body language to amplify the impact of your message.
  • Go beyond one-on-one communication with your clients and use the same principles in your marketing, networking, and other business development initiatives.

After having helped extraordinary entrepreneurs become impactful communicators, I decided to create my program.

…a step-by-step process designed to provide you with cumulative benefits…

A very effective step-by-step approach for advisors and service-based professionals who want to increase the level of implementation of their advice to help their clients reach their goals.
And in doing so, they position themselves as THE trusted professional.

Please note! The strategies we will cover are powerful – we are not talking about coercing your clients into saying “yes” to your recommendations.


…essential elements to understand…

We will begin the program by understanding some of the fundamental elements of the brain, how it filters and transforms a message, the impact of cognitive biases and behavioral patterns that influence the absorption of a message, and more.

Humans are complex beings, but when we understand the fundamentals of how communication works, everything becomes clearer and simpler.


…the first conversation to understand…

The first conversation your clients have is with themselves, it’s their internal dialogue. We create our reality with our internal dialogue, that powerful little voice that influences all our behaviors.

When we pay attention to the way a person speaks, the words they use, the tense of verbs, and the structure of their sentences, we are able to uncover their thinking and the beliefs that influence their actions.


…motivating your client to make their vision a reality…

How can you get your client or future client to go beyond their own internal dialogue in order to understand how your advice and recommendation is the solution they need to implement to achieve their goals and dreams?

With influence. Our goal is to spend time winning someone’s heart or helping them expand their mindset. This is a prerequisite for the process of getting the person to act or make a decision that is good for them.


…speaking to influence with integrity…

What leads people to take action? What are the different ways they make decisions? These are interesting questions we will explore.

We will discuss the drivers of decision-making to transform the way you conduct your conversations and present information to facilitate decision making.


…presenting information in a way that is relevant to your client…

How much information is too much, or too little? How should you link your recommendation to your client’s desired outcome? How do you get your future client to see that you are the trusted professional they need?

Learning about the different channels of information interpretation, the art of storytelling, and strategic questions will allow you to present your solutions in a way that really connects with your client.


…the framework that brings all the components together…

Understanding the power of words is more than a tool: it’s a strategy. And as with any strategy, a framework must be established to achieve optimal results.

We will present a 5-step framework that will help your clients and future clients take action and achieve their goals.


…your personal strategies for conscious leadership…

Being an entrepreneur and being a team leader are two different things. I often hear entrepreneurs say that team management is one of their biggest challenges. How can we be a better leader? How do we motivate our teams? How do we share our vision and passion? These are all essential questions.

Team dynamics are at the heart of your success. That’s why becoming a better leader is more important than ever before.


…how to distinguish yourself, how to stand out…

The communication framework you use with a current client is different from the one you use with a potential client, at a networking event and in your marketing approach.

We will discuss topics that will help you achieve great results in your business development initiatives.

Join the program


Enrollment for this program is currently closed.

Don’t miss the next enrollment period.


  • Have a greater impact on your clients’ lives (and… increase client retention)
  • Embody your role as a trusted professional (and…be their quarterback, their go-to person)
  • Build stronger business relationships with your clients and future clients (and… get more referrals)
  • Have a marketing message that resonates and delivers results (and… increase your business visibility)
  • Create memorable conversations and impact at networking events (and… improve your business networking skills)

If what you are reading interests you, matches your values and profile, I’m convinced that this program is exactly what you need to move to the next level of success, influence and fulfillment.


What people say about the program

Cette formation a été une révélation pour moi.


J’ai appris à poser des questions pour avoir de vraies réponses. Ça aide à créer un impact encore plus important avec les clients, je le ressens.

Sara a été extrêmement généreuse et continue de l’être après la formation!

Barbara Demers


Fondatrice de l’Académie des finances personnelles

I really learned a lot about how my brain works and therefore, how my clients’ brains work.


What surprised me was that this new knowledge allowed me to greatly improve my mindset. Thanks to Sara, I am a better person, a better entrepreneur and a better leader.

Marilyn Lemire


I really enjoyed this training and I truly recommend it!


It combines several elements of communication and psychology, helping to influence oneself, and to influence others better.

The presentations are really very interesting, the exercise materials and the tools are useful and effective, and most importantly, the guest experts were all extremely interesting.

If you are looking for a program that will help you better understand your internal dialogue to change certain limiting behaviors, communicate better with others, and improve your leadership, this training is for you.

To finally understand and experience the difference between informing and communicating, act now and register!

Eric Lacoursière

There are so many takeaways from this program!

I just loved the program and got so much out of it…from the amazing guest speakers, to learning about the subtleties of the words we choose when speaking to our clients, understanding their communication style and adapting to it.

One of my favorite takeaways was “Think / Do / Be”…I always tell myself I’m busy, which makes me feel even busier, but now I think about it first and I see that I am not really busy but instead a little lost at times. I have learnt to try and control my inner dialogue.

I highly encourage any business owner to participate, invest in themselves and take on this awareness and learning challenge.


Pat Savoia


This program has really been IMPACTFUL for me


I realised how important words and impactful questions are when speaking with a client.

The guest experts are very knowledgeable.

Glen Losier

Pl. Fin.


A program delivered as promised.


Result: Impactful conversations greatly appreciated by our clients.

Ann Levasseur


This program takes our communication to a whole new level


I was excellent with clients, good at bringing people to take action, and a wonderful storyteller. After 12 weeks with Sara, all of these assets have quadrupled! The program takes us to a whole new level of communication, gives us concrete tips to apply every day, and creates a community to share with. The value of this program is definitely worth the investment.

Emilie Arsenault


Sara is an expert in human behavior and communication skills


When I discovered Sara Gilbert, I understood the exactness of what she was sharing. I took the Impactful program and it was quite a change for me. I learned to really hear the words being said and gained a better way to communicate.

Sara is an expert in human behavior and communication skills, with an impact both personally and professionally. What I also like about her approach is the way she makes concepts simple and accessible, while being Impactful. She addresses both internal and external communication as well as our role as leaders and the real impact we can have in our relationships.

When you meet Sara, you are touched by her generosity. Through her presence, her alignment and her teaching, she has allowed me to fill my toolbox with customized tools.

Her Impactful program is very rich. I have personally repeated it several times because each time, the Magic reveals itself a little more and I refine my communication even more. Thank you so much, Sara!!!

If you choose to take your communication to a higher level, to have more impactful exchanges, I warmly encourage you to take Sara’s program. 

Elene Brietta


« Your training is well structured and very rich in content. »

«  I take the time to think about the questions I might ask people. I pay more attention to my internal dialogue. It allows me a better focus, and to be more impactful in my questions. I succeed in making people talk more now. »

« After following the program, I noticed that I communicated with more ease with my clients. I am more confident, and I find it easier to meet with strangers. I communicate with more empathy, and it helps me build trust. »

« Now I am much more aware of my role as a leader. I understand better what my clients want and expect of me. »


Who is the IMPACTFUL program for?

It is meant for advisors and service-based professionals who offer their expertise and advice as a business model and who want better tools to help their clients make the best decisions quickly, intelligently, and without pressuring them.

What kind of transformation can I expect from this program?

IMPACTFUL is a one-of-a-kind communication program.

Yes, it’s about increasing your influence and making a bigger impact. But it’s also about your own way of doing things. Leadership begins with self-leadership. Better understanding your modus operandi will allow you to bring to light that of your interlocutor. And this is where you are truly able to influence your client to make the best decision for them.

You will be exposed to ideas, techniques, and paradigm shifts in a variety of areas, such as dealing with emotions and uncovering limiting beliefs in others. 

The result is a transformation of your mindset, your perceptions, your reactions, your results – and knowing that you embody your mission to help your clients achieve their goals, their desires, their cherished dreams.

A true trusted advisor.

How exactly is the program structured?

You will join me in a live virtual workshop via Zoom once a week for the duration of the program.

The workshops are 60 to 90 minutes.

Each week focuses on a unique dimension of the transformational communication process to become an impactful communicator.

In each workshop, you will be guided by an interactive lecture, exercises, and the opportunity to ask questions. You will have lifetime access to the recorded sessions to revisit the principles and implement them.

What is the difference between the IMPACTFUL program and other communication programs or books on the market?

Most communication programs and books focus on words – well, much of this program is focused on using the right words – but this is the 3rd step in the process. By working upstream on the fundamentals, you will understand the essential elements that influence your interlocutor even before having uttered a single word.

IMPACTFUL combines the best current techniques of human behaviour, neuroscience, fast learning, and cutting-edge performance to improve communication and your mindset in record time.

Lessons are designed to be fun, interesting, and simple, but the results you get are really impactful and lasting, because of the transformational process and the science behind this program.

Can I complete the program at my own pace?

IMPACTFUL is designed to be an interactive experience. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you attend the live sessions where you will connect with Sara and the community.

However, if you are busy and miss some sessions, you can still watch the recordings at your own pace. What matters most is your commitment and consistency in completing every module.

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