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As an accomplished coach, consultant and entrepreneur, Sara brings enormous expertise, insight, and energy to her presentations. In the years that she has been a coach and consultant, she has delivered powerful messages, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals and women’s groups.

In every talk, Sara draws upon her business acumen, personal wisdom, and powerful experiences combined with relevant data to help your audience emotionally identify with the intended message, rationalize the change required and to provide them with the tools needed for them to improve their performance.

All talks can be given in both French and English and can vary in format to meet your needs and exceed your expectations:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Team building events
  • Offsite retreats
  • Mastermind groups

Sara is happy to design a tailored experience. Keynote topics often include:

The hidden side of leadership

…a journey filled with dualities…

Leadership is often perceived as a role of action, of power, of motivation. But the hidden side of leadership explores the dualities that inhabit us in order to reveal this constant dance that we do between being a superhero and authentically being.

This conference sheds light on the 4 types of identities we embody and navigate on a daily basis, to put in place strategies to optimize our influence.

The ultimate goal of this conference is to give participants the tools to become legendary leaders.

Not famous. Not popular. Legendary.

What does this mean?

Legendary is leaving people, places, better than how you found them.

Legendary is living a life of meaning, purpose and contribution.

Legendary is being more, more of you, more of your values, more of who you truly want to represent each day.

Legendary is what people say when you’re no longer there…

…I remember she/he made me feel invincible…
…I remember she/he challenged me, pushed me to take action…
…I remember she/he lived life fully and it inspired me to do the same…

It doesn’t matter what your business “does”, the services you offer. People will be attracted to you, for you. For how they feel when they are with you. How you help them transcend their fears, their limiting beliefs and step into their dreams, their desires – the best version of themselves.

It’s time to stop underestimating the impact we can have, the difference we can make
…because so much more is possible…

The psychology of communication, a powerful business tool

…the art of strategic communication…

The words we use have a huge impact on the people we serve and lead.

We’ve all been in situations where we know we can make a difference in our clients and future clients’ life, but just can’t find the right words to help them take action on your advice and recommendations.

These situations only lead to more frustration.

  • For you, because the client doesn’t take action
  • For your potential client, because they are still looking for a trusted professional, a solution to help them
  • For your client, because they don’t achieve their goals and changes advisor, professional… hoping to achieve their objectives and realize their dreams, their aspirations

…now, imagine…

  • Having the skills to influence your clients to achieve their goals more easily and quickly
  • Having the superpower to anticipate when your clients won’t take action on your recommendation and proactively change that outcome
  • Help your future clients implement your advice by using simple trigger words to activate “reflexes” in their brain

If you’re in business, it’s because you want to make a difference in the lives of your clients and future clients.

You have the experience and expertise to help them. You have the information and the solutions to meet their needs. But… something is preventing you from really having the impact you want to have.

You also know that your level of success depends on your ability to get your clients and future clients to follow to your advice and recommendations.

In this conference, we bring a clear understanding on how communication truly works, from behavioral patterns, linguistics style variations to help you better serve and make a difference in the lives of your clients and potential clients.


  • People’s decision-making process
  • Words to use and avoid in your conversations
  • The art of asking excellent questions
  • How to present your solutions in order to positively influence their decisions

And… how to position yourself as THE trusted professional with your clients and potential clients.


  • Have a greater impact on your clients’ lives (and… increase client retention)
  • Embody your role as a trusted professional (and… be their quarterback, their go-to person)
  • Build stronger business relationships with your clients and future clients (and… get more referrals)
  • Have a marketing message that resonates and delivers results (and… increase your business visibility)
  • Create memorable conversations and impact at networking events (and… improve your business networking skills)

Understanding how the words we use impact actions and decisions is such a game changer, for you, for them and for your business.

The client of tomorrow, understanding their behaviors to guide them better

…understand to serve better…

According to the Word Economic Forum, the pandemic has propelled us into a new era. We’ve transcended from the information age to the age of wisdom and perspective.

What does this mean for clients? How has this new era and the pandemic changed the values, priorities and behaviors of customers?

And now, how do these changes influence your approach to your clients and potential clients?

Well, that is exactly what we will be discussing in this lecture.


  • The fundamental elements that form this new era
  • Client’s expectations, the post-pandemic pivot
  • How to position yourself, set yourself apart and distinguish yourself in this new era


This conference is completely tailored as it influences many business areas:

  • Client experience
  • Marketing & social media strategies
  • Business development initiatives

A thorough analysis of your needs and desires is required in order to deliver the most action-driven conference for your team.

Positive intelligence and the art of surpassing oneself

Research into positive intelligence revealed that the left and right areas of our brain think differently – the left side is called the “saboteur” or survival zone, and the right side is the “wise” or prosperity zone.

Based on the science of positive intelligence, psycholinguistics and other fundamental research on human behaviour, this conference will help you discover the 10 types of saboteurs and identify how they influence your thoughts, behaviours and communications, and the impact they have on your daily work life.

For more information on booking Sara for your next event, please contact us!

Practical and applicable insights

Sara delivered an outstanding presentation. Her mastery of utilizing psycholinguistics to distinguish oneself provided our members with practical insights they can promptly apply to excel within their respective industries.



Sara provided relevant information and, most importantly, thoughtful and strategic insights that will be useful for establishing a strategy. She adapted to the audience, professional, approachable, committed, efficient, and attentive to the room’s needs. It was a very focused audience, and it was evident that people were strongly considering what Sara was presenting to them.

A dynamic and caring approach for our members!

At the end of 2022, we contacted Ms. Gilbert to explore the possibility of collaborating on our new continuing education platform. Our platform was already packed with scientific conferences related to the veterinary profession, but we wanted to add a more management-oriented component. From the outset, we found Ms. Gilbert’s approach to be dynamic and supportive of our members. Her energetic personality and training in communication and leadership seemed perfectly suited to this first mandate. We look forward to continuing to work with her in the future, to the benefit of our members.

– Marie-Christyne Brosseau

General Manager, Association des médecins vétérinaires du Québec en pratique de petits animaux (AMVQ)

Sara delivers so much valuable insight in a short period of time

Her ideas are instantly helpful for executives, entrepreneurs, marketers and sales people – anyone who needs to lead or influence others.  And she makes the learning experience fun and joyful.

Sara’s workshops are an engaging mix of intellect and discovery.

– Roger Grant

participant at CAPS annual convention
Naming & Branding Strategist | Marketing Consultant | Professional Speaker

Sara is a great presenter with excellent presentation skills

Sara Gilbert presented to SAP Montreal for the Montreal Women’s business Group, an open invitation to all employees. The presentation was on “Putting yourself first” it was well received by our employees.

Sara is a great presenter with excellent presentation skills, which provided us with good strategies for time management, empowerment and setting priorities.

We specifically like her Two Minute Rule, and what is the Two-minute Rule? Well you will have to ask Sara Gilbert.

I highly recommend her as a business coach, or workshop facilitator. Thank you, Sara, once again!

– Dominique Pirolo

SAP Talent Career Strategist-Coach Certified

Quality training made easy

For the annual “kick-off” of firm, I wanted to have a session that would be “different” and give concrete and quick ideas to help my team in the area of personal development.

That’s why I called Sara, who I’ve worked with for several years in coaching; to give my team concrete tools to use the powerful LinkedIn tool in their business development.

Thanks to this training, my entire team now has ideas – and is already implementing them – to grow their business with a must-have business development tool: LinkedIn.

I warmly recommend her!

Thank you Sara for the high quality of your training and its simplicity.

– Olivier Paré

President and Founder

Well-structured training, relevant support materials

I really liked this training: well-structured, relevant support materials, well-adapted tools to support my role, among others a proposal for a simple and clear coaching approach.

The training gave me benchmarks, and reminded me of others: the interpersonal relationship is the guiding thread of the coaching process; establish a good relationship first; understand the profile of the entrepreneur I am accompanying (understand his vision of the world and work with it…), identify the ultimate motivator, guide him, get him out of his comfort zone, help him maintain the focus, reference as needed … And so on.

In short, I learned! Thank you for your approach and your professionalism. I would also like to congratulate you on your dynamic animation. Thank you for everything!

Finding solutions to problems can be simpler than we think

Sara, thank you for making “simple” the things we tend to overthink and therefore make “complicated”. The industry sometimes gets the best of us but you present in a way that the foundational roots to all problems can be simpler than we think.

It is far from easy but your passion, comprehension and sense of self, helped my group get in touch with core strategies in order to redefining planning and building.

– Matthew Leblanc

Regional Director, IG

Encourages participants to dare with humility and to take action

Sara is passionate for what she does and a great speaker, as she was able to pass on her experience and passion during the corporate webinar. The presentation was impactful for me and my team and very enriching.

She was able to provide interesting tips that will bring added value in our daily life. In addition to capturing our attention, Sara Gilbert not only pushed our resources to question themselves, but also encouraged them to dare with all humility and to take action.

– Léa Saadé

VPR Asset Management, Financière des professionnels – Gestion privée

Puts things back into perspective and provides a clear process

Sara’s presentation on effective communication was excellent. We often underestimate what spoken words really mean and tend to understand them the way we see fit. Sara’s conference puts things back into perspective and provides a clear process on how to understand, adapt and respond to different types of clients. Thanks Sara and looking forward to working with you again!

– Frederic Bendahan

Senior Manager – Investment – Product development

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