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As a speaker and a coach, Sara is truly a master of her craft

I had the pleasure of hearing Sara speak at a recent conference on the subject of optimal communication styles based on the NLP philosophy. The content was fascinating and applicable, and Sara’s depth of knowledge on the topic, combined with her energetic speaking style, made it a hugely engaging experience. I even put to use some of the concepts that she shared with some success, as I was able to both inspire and persuade a client to take action on something they were hesitating about for a while. I will definitely be following her content on social media even more closely now, to keep learning from her.

Following this event, I received one session of coaching with Sara. And her ability to listen, understand, and provide a whole new way of looking at an issue was truly incredible. She helped me establish some goals that I was having trouble identifying and ‘nailing down,’ and she set me on a path of clarity and confidence in some aspects of my business (and life) where I wasn’t sure in which direction to go. And all in ONE session. I have no doubt that the results of that one conversation will show results throughout the year.

As a speaker and a coach, Sara is truly a master of her craft.

– Suzannah Baum

Presentation Skills & Leadership Communication Expert, Keynote Speaker

We know where we’re going pretty quickly!

Sara knows how to steer conversations towards specific goals, we don’t run around in circles for long. We know where we’re going pretty quickly! Talking with Sara is a moment of pure happiness and kindness. Without forcing too much and in a structured way, she was able to quickly create a bond of trust, which allowed me to appreciate the content of her excellent training even more! So, I can focus on the things that really matter.

Her sincerity and her desire to see us succeed are a “Must” in itself. Done with ease and simplicity!

– Sophie Babeux, MBA

Business Coach

Beyond the bigger success you help me achieve every year, you have offered me a quality of life I never could have dreamed of

After the three years (already!) that we have been working together, I would just like to say a little thank you for everything you have done for me. Beyond the bigger success you help me achieve every year, you have offered me a quality of life that I never could have dreamed of. I have never worked so little and made such a huge difference in my clients lives than today.

Now, I get to spend all that extra time with my family and friends, especially my daughter. What you have offered me is invaluable and I will always be grateful that our paths have met this early in my life. I can’t wait for next year. It’s going to be epic!

– Antoine Auger

B.A.A., Division Director

A gradual approach for consistent progress

Too often coaches bombard you with numerous ideas but there are too many of them and they lack structure. Your process enabled us to make small changes every month without feeling overwhelmed. There is a great quote by Voltaire that goes along the lines that perfection is attained by slow degrees and that it requires the hand of time. Most coaches don’t get that, you do.

– Louis-Philippe Barrette

Vice-President & Portfolio Manager

Focused, professional and creative out-of-the-box thinkers that I’ve met in a long time

Sara is one of the most focused, professional and creative out-of-the-box thinkers that I’ve met in a long time. It’s not easy for me to partner with people after one meeting, but after a conversation with Sara and the level of professionalism that she brought to the table I couldn’t go wrong. Sara will definitely be getting my business in the future and any business that I can refer to her, no questions asked.

– Tyrone Matheson

Business Improvement Specialist

Incredibly professional and thorough in all she does

I have known Sara for several years. Having used her advice and expertise on marketing strategies, and as a participant in the trainings I provide, Sara has proven to be incredibly professional and thorough in all she does.

I highly recommend Sara to any corporation or professional who seeks to work with someone who is knowledgeable and reliable.

– Nancy Kosik

Certified Etiquette Expert & Protocol Officer

She makes sure that the rubber hits the road

A good idea is only good if it can be implemented. Too often, we come back from coaching programs full of great ideas, only to fall back to our comfortable routines. Sara’s coaching is direct, one on one with the team. She makes sure that the rubber hits the road.

It is where ideas garnered through endless coaching programs are actually implemented and followed through so that teams can continue working on the job at hand, but at the same time have another team player devoted strictly to implementing best practice ideas. Her efforts helped us incorporate what we know is important and we are now on the road of developing our own unique brand in the marketplace.

Thank you Sara!

– Peter J. Guidote


From being stuck to experiencing constant personal and professional development!

I’m taking a few minutes to tell you about the extraordinary work Sara has done with us! Before meeting her, we were stuck; we felt we had been at the same point for several years! Sara is helping us asking ourselves the right questions, set goals, and she always brings us back to our focus! Sara is always elegant, radiant, and very positive!

With a business strategist like Sara, our roadblocks are now behind us, and we’re constantly evolving, both personally and professionally!

Thanks so much, Sara!

– Stéphanie and Simon

She was able to set up a schedule of meetings to perfect the customer experience as well as my management and sales practices

Analysis and feedback for significant efficiency gains to reach new levels of success.

Being part of the third generation of our family business founded in 1952, I became aware that some practices required an update! I turned to Sara’s expertise to systemize our processes and to make the company more responsive to the current market, and ultimately, to reach the next level.

By detailing my objectives, she was able to set up a schedule of meetings to perfect the customer experience as well as my management and sales practices.

Whether it is a concrete analysis of our results by the measurement of our objectives or the feedback received from our renewed practices, there is no doubt that Sara’s help has dramatically contributed to significant efficiency gains.

We sincerely thank you for the optimized systematization you have made to our company!

– Martin McCann


I will get to the next level as an entrepreneur

For the second time, I took part in a personalized coaching session with Sara to align my business strategy. Again, I gained so much from it!

Simply WOW!

Whether it was discovering my big ‘Why’, my business model, the tools to develop, or my communication plan, I learned a lot.

Yes, intuition is important in business, but the execution is the key to success. This requires reflection and, above all, an action plan.

Thanks to Sara, I will reach another level as an entrepreneur. Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate with Sara!

– Michel Villa

columnist and stock market trainer, author

A day filled with simple and effective strategies! A must for serious entrepreneurs!

The field of events is as exciting as it is demanding. In business for a few years, our company is growing, but standing out is not always so simple. We had a vision of what we want to build: a company that exceeds the needs of our customers for their personal life events (wedding, birthday, etc.) as well as corporate events (gala, annual parties, etc.).

We decided to do a business strategy day with Sara to focus our efforts, understand our business objectives and align our strategies. It was an intense and productive brainstorming session. She guided us to help clarify our service offering, and all her ideas are directly related to the core values of our company, focused on the customer experience and the human side.

Following this day, we now have simple tools that will make the management of our initiatives easier so that we can focus on what is really important to us: achieving our customers’ dreams with ease.

We had this meeting, which we were looking forward to, to find counseling, but also to simplify our business, and Sara was able to meet each of our expectations.

In summary, we found a rare pearl, and this pearl is Sara. Thanks to you, Sara, there are now two girls full of energy and ideas, and we are ready to conquer the market !

Thank you so much!

– Audrée & Marie-Pier Mercier

3m Décor Créateur d’Ambiance

Structured and extremely efficient approach

With their structured and extremely efficient approach, Sara and her team have been able to provide us with value added ideas in addition to enabling us to significantly increase our productivity.

With Sara’s help, we have been able to develop a methodology that will enable us to not only strengthen our current relationships, but also support an even more important volume of business without neglecting any of the details so important in the success of a practice in the long term.

Thank you, Sara!

– Maxime Lambert

Portfolio Manager

Go beyond what we think is possible to better serve my clients

Sara always knows how to say the right words at the right time. By following her example, I’m able to be a more caring and calmer leader to my team. Working with her allows me to take a step back, to think, and then take actions while completing my daily tasks effectively. Already structured, she helped me go beyond what is expected and offer more to my clients, my colleagues, but above all to myself. Sara inspires me to work on myself and brings balance to the family business in which I am engrossed. In challenging moment, she is our go-to person to help us navigate situations.

Always ready to help, she shares her energy in a necessary and crucial way to our professional daily life.

– Audrée de Champlain, B. Ed.

Financial Security Advisor

Well-structured training, relevant support materials, and loved by all personnel

I had the opportunity of engaging Ms. Gilbert to present to my retail Investment Advisors in Montreal on several topics over several years in relation to “growing your business”.  She was a great presenter with excellent presentation skills, which provided us with good strategies for time management, empowerment, “how-to” actionable items, and setting priorities.

Sara’s high energy class on Wealth management was extremely beneficial, informative, and brought advisors to action. As you know, it is not easy to keep staff engaged for a couple of hours, let alone for a whole day! How about several days? Sara’s approach was dynamic, energetic, engaging, informative, and fun. She kept staff interested throughout the whole time.

I really liked this training as it was well-structured, and included relevant support materials.  It also had well-adapted tools to support my role as Senior VP as Sales Manager, among others, a proposal for a simple and clear coaching approach. The training gave me benchmarks and reminded me of why we do what we do.

Her guiding strength relies on the interpersonal relationships she builds while going through the process of the coaching; establish a good relationship first; understand the profile of the entrepreneur “I am accompanying (understand their vision of the world and work with it…)”, identify the ultimate motivator, to guide them and get them out of their comfort zone.  Then help them maintain focus. And so on!

In short, my staff learned and were brought to action! Thank you for your approach and your professionalism. I would also like to congratulate you on your dynamic animation. Thank you for everything!

I highly recommend her as a business coach or workshop facilitator. Thank you, Sara, once again!

– Riccardo Magini

Senior Vice-President, Laurentian Bank Securities

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