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It’s time for me, for you, for all us to become more intentional with our businesses and our lives…

It’s official, I’m leaving Montréal to spend five months in Costa Rica with my 14-year-old daughter! (As you’re reading these lines, I’m finalizing our packing and leaving any day now!)


Because I’ve always dreamed of living abroad. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been intrigued by the different ways people live. I want to live with them, take part in authentic rituals, dive into foreign cultures and experience other lifestyles.

Last winter, I read a book that had a great impact on me: The Power of Regrets by Daniel Pink. In his book, the author – who carried out the most in-depth study of regret in the world – divides regrets into four categories:

1. Foundation: These regrets can be summed up in one sentence: “If only I had done the work…”

Most regrets related to education, finances and health are the result of irresponsibility or of a lack of discernment or caution.

2. Moral: These regrets can be summed up in one sentence: “If only I had done the right thing…”

Most of us want to be good people, but sometimes we ignore our own principles and values. Cheating on a spouse or on a test are examples of regrets in this category.

3. Connection: These regrets can be summed up in one sentence: “If only I had kept in touch…”

We are tribal beings, born with an innate need to be connected to others. But sometimes life passes by so fast, and we prioritize other things over our relationships. Distancing ourselves from people who are important to us, like spouses, parents, children, friends, are part of this type of regret.

4. Boldness: These regrets can be summed up in one sentence: “If only I had taken the risk…”

A number of studies show that we are much more likely to regret the opportunities that we didn’t seize than those which we did take up. What bothers at us is inaction, not jumping at the opportunity.

I’d never taken the risk of going to live abroad – and even less of leaving everything here (house, car, etc.), these things that seem to be important but really aren’t –, but now, I’m taking the risk and I’ve decided to live my dream.

  • For myself – to fully live my life,
  • For my children – so that they will follow their dreams as well,
  • For the people around me, so that they will realize that the status quo isn’t a rule that we have to follow and that everything is possible.

The most important role that we play as a leader for the people we around us (clients, team, family) is to show them the pathway toward the world of possibilities.

I often say that there are three ways to lead your life:

  • Survive your life;
  • Live your life;
  • Thrive your life.

Clearly, I intend to be in the third category! And now – thanks partly to the lock-down -, more people have a deep desire to be in this category!

So, our role is to clarify and embody our rules for the game of life – our life – so others can see the possibilities in their own life.

It’s the butterfly effect of our leadership.

It’s the real difference we want to make in the life of our clients.

It’s the impact we want to have, the mark we want to leave.

Your dream might not be to spend five months in Costa Rica, but maybe you want to have more time, more freedom, more space in your life… Your goal may be to reduce the number of hours you work, to change your schedule to have more time for yourself, to say no to projects or clients, to put yourself first and live your life to the fullest, because, as we know, we only have one life to live!

If that’s the case, my invitation is to start looking at your dreams, your desires and take one small step. Because one decision triggers movement. Movement starts transformation, and transformation leads to thriving your life. 😊

And the world really needs more people who thrive their life to show that so much more is possible!

As I live my dream, I will keep on writing blog articles. I’ll be taking a break on publishing weekly YouTube episodes and replace them with __________ I don’t know yet, I’ll let my inspiration of the moment guide me!

But you’ll be able to follow my journey (and my shenanigans!) via Instagram account!

I’ll be back in your inbox, ad hoc, to share insight with you…be warned…they’ll definitely be influenced by my desire to push my limits of what I believe is possible and to encourage you to push yours!

Until then,

Pura Vida!


I’m always happy to ready your comments. You can reach me here and stay in contact with me (and follow my ramblings!) on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram


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