To attract new clients and be visible in the right way!

As you may know, I’m very active on LinkedIn – it is by far my favorite social media platform.

When I launched my business, my kids were very young, and there was no way I was going to have them babysat to go to networking events. So, I got started on LinkedIn.

Did you know that it’s on LinkedIn that the former editor-in-chief of Finance & Investissement, Christian Benoit-Lapointe, (who we lost far too soon…), found me? After which other media – Forbes, Globe and Mail, Les Affaires … – and conferences followed.

It’s also thanks to LinkedIn that been able to grow my business.

Your goal may not be to write in the media or be a speaker (it wasn’t mine initially either!), but social media allows you to be more visible to your clients, future clients and centers of influence.

And, of course, the more visible you are, the more likely people will think of you when they need your expertise or if they are asked for a referral.

What is a good social media post?

Thanks for asking the question :)!

Many make the mistake of sharing short and straightforward information.

As I shared you in last month’s article we’re entering the era of wisdom and perspective. Additionally, according to Harvard, 95% of our decisions are based on emotion and not reason or logic.

We have never been so connected and disconnected at the same time. Now more than ever, people are looking for human connection – and the beauty (and reality) is that you can do this through social media.

Let me give you an example. Recently, Sylvain Boudreau shared a message about my next masterclass series.  This is what I call an information post.

You are financial planners. You UNDERSTAND that business has changed. You want to have a current, realistic and cost-effective approach. Trust me, sign up now! If you do not know Sara Gilbert, you will discover a dynamic, competent and efficient woman. Sara offers you THE program that will propel your success in 2021.


Sylvain is an outstanding speaker, which is why he’s the #1 speaker in Quebec. Following his post, I took a screenshot of his message, which I shared with a personal comment. This is what I call a connection post.

When Quebec’s the #1 speaker, Sylvain Boudreau, invites his network to join my masterclass series, the pressure goes up a notch!!


And what happened? After three days, I had almost double the number of views, increased engagement and more comments.


Because of how I connected with people.

You see, a relationship is as strong as our overall authenticity – and in our overall authenticity, there’s vulnerability. I dared to share my emotion and how I felt at that moment. And by doing so, a connection emerged.

Sylvain had written an excellent informative post – all the elements were present:

  • Who the message was for (financial advisors)
  • The “problems” that advisors are experiencing (You UNDERSTAND that the business has changed)
  • What the solution is (my masterclass series)

Obviously, he couldn’t have written a connection post about me. However, if you watch his videos, he connects a lot with his network.

In conclusion

The goal is not only to write connection posts or informative posts (I also share a lot of information on social media). The idea is to have a balance between information and connection.

Dare to let people get to know you, the man, the woman, the human being behind the profession, the expertise – remember, people, are seeking for connections.

I have been having a lot of fun with this balancing act lately. You can look at another post I did (10 things you didn’t know about me…) that generated a lot of visibility, engagement, attraction… and future clients 😉

Now go ahead! Dare! Let people discover who you really are!

I always read your comments with great pleasure. You can contact me here and join me on  LinkedIn,  Twitter,  Facebook,  YouTube and now on  Instagram.

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