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Like money, time can actually multiply. No joke.

Ever been told “We ALL have 24 hours in a day!”?

Did you buy into it?

Think about it for a second: how can some people build powerful business practices while training for triathlons and still have time to spend with their families? Meanwhile, others work their fingers to the bone and can’t ever get anywhere near finishing that To-Do list.

The answer’s disarmingly simple: they multiply time.

Sure, to achieve this your mission, vision, and goals must be crystal clear. Otherwise, your life and actions feel like a weathervane blowing in every direction, not ever going anywhere.

But once the foundation’s set, how exactly do you multiply time?

Let’s talk about John, he’s chosen to work alone and this means handling everything single thing: client meetings, administration, client operations and planning, marketing, and so on and so on.

John’s a busy guy! Every day, he manages to do a bit of everything except… his business development! With clients still waiting for calls to be returned and/or a strategy to be implemented, plus inconsistent, random marketing efforts, John’s business growth isn’t thriving.

He still does well. But while he has enviable revenue, he knows he’s capable of more. In fact, he wants more. He’d love to help more clients, he wants to improve how he helps, and he wants to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

But there’s only 24 hours in day, right?!

Now, let’s consider Marie’s case. Like John, Marie works as a professional service provider. Except unlike John, she has two assistants. One that handles administration and operations, while the other focuses on marketing and client experience.

Marie has 72 hours in a day; 24 hours x 3 people.

Freeing her time, Marie can focus on what she does best: nurturing her existing and potential client relationships.

You see during her meetings, Marie has the time (and head space!) to detect unspoken messages, pay attention to non-verbal cues, and ask questions to deepen conversations with her clients and prospects. She also has time to come up with new ideas. The kind of ideas that make a difference in her business.

Whether it’s a unique new strategy for a client, a celebratory gift for a previously mentioned event, a post meeting thank you note for a potential client, personalized gestures are sure to impress.

And after these meetings, Marie also has time to follow-up and pass her ideas on to her team. From there, in keeping with everyone’s individual genius zone, tasks are assigned, and everyone works on creating the magic.

Regardless of what you do with it, an hour is an hour. Whether you choose to work on administrative tasks, or meet with a business client, it’s still 60 minutes.

Contrary to popular belief, time isn’t money. Time is life.

It’s the difference you want to make in the lives of those who trust you with their business.

It’s the change you want to make in the lives of your potential clients.

It’s the impact you want to have through your business practice.

Now, to be clear: you don’t have to hire 8 people to build your team. When clearly defining the business you want to build, and the life you want to create, be intentional with the most important resource: your time.

Here’s a thought I always share with my clients: when you say ‘yes’ to something, you’re saying ‘no’ to something else. Be intentional with your time.

It’s your turn to decide how you’ll spend your time. Remember, because you know that you CAN have more than 24 hours in a day.



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