Last week was International Coffee Day. On that occasion, I invited people on Facebook to chat with me. Here the exact post I shared:

Today is International Coffee Day!

If you and I were having a coffee together, what question would you like me to answer or what business topic would you like to chat about?

Pierre, a community member, had such an amazing reply that I wanted to share it, along with my feedback which includes two of the most profound things you can do for yourself that will impact your personal life and your entrepreneurial journey during this long Thanksgiving week-end.

Pierre posted that he would like us to chat about: “Bring my business to the next level or stay in my comfort zone”.

Wow! What an interesting conversation topic! I love deep and meaningful conversations like that. Interestingly, I’m finding myself having more and more of them with entrepreneurs – men and women who want to truly make a difference, build a business that will leave a legacy, and influence people.

Here’s an idea for your Thanksgiving weekend. It may not be the most action-packed suggestion – this time, I’m not suggesting you create a plan or take action on a project that’s been on your to-do list forever (although, that could also be a good idea). But let me assure you – these are two of the most profound things you can do for yourself that will impact your personal life and your entrepreneurial journey.


When I propose this exercise to a coaching client, the initial response is always a look of surprise.

But this exercise will be a turning point in your life (it was in mine). After all, why are we working so hard and so many hours? We all want to leave our mark – or as Steve Jobs famously said “We’re here to put a dent in the universe”. Otherwise why else even be here?’

So take a piece of paper and write down, in paragraph style:
How do you want to be remembered?
What would you like your children to say about you at your funeral?
What would you like your clients/team members/business partners to say about you at your funeral?

[tweetthis]Two of the most profound things you can do for yourself and your entrepreneurial journey.[/tweetthis]

After all, the choices you and I make right now – today, even – will shape the legacies we’ll leave behind someday. Writing my eulogy changed everything for me. I’m confident it can for you, too.


I got this idea from a podcast I was listening to the other day with Lewis Howes. His guest mentioned the idea of making a list of 101 things we want to do before we die. Wow…that was hard, yet very easy.

Bringing the idea further… on another piece of paper, take the number 79 if you are a man and 83 if you are a woman. From that number, deduct your age. This will give you the number of years you have to do everything that’s on your list. Very powerful, especially if you are in a place of contentment, losing your momentum or aren’t as “business-hungry” as you used to be.

These two exercises are not meant to be depressive; on the contrary, they will help you focus on what’s important to you and what you want to create as a business.

So as we say thanks and enjoy a long-week end with our families and friends, take a moment for yourself, and by yourself, to reshift, refocus and recommit to your goals.

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Question: What is an “aha moment” that these exercises triggered? What idea from your 101 things I want to do before I die are you going to make happen sooner rather than later? Let me know in the comments by clicking here.

To your success!


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