A unique opportunity is now available to you. Here’s how to grab it.

Phew, the last few weeks have been intense! Markets are up and down, pandemic, confinement, deconfinement… We have the two essential elements for a perfect storm: novelty and uncertainty.

Lately, most of my conversations with my clients have revolved around dealing with their clients’ emotions and the opportunity that lies before us right now.


Yes, indeed. And I’m not referring to opportunities in the stock market or real estate market. I’m talking about the opportunity to build and increase your relationship capital with your current and future clients, as well as your centers of influence.

What is relationship capital?

KPGM* defines relationship capital as “the intangible assets that are the basis of the reputation and trust that we have developed” (such as our values, commitment, and knowledge).

We know that the relationships we build with our clients and our centers of influence are at the heart of our success. And now more than ever, the strength of those relationships is being tested.

In this time of crisis, people are looking for a leader, someone they can count on, who will be present, calm, reassuring, and strong.

You currently have the unique opportunity to BE that person for them.

How to build your relationship capital

You can develop your relationship capital by being present, being proactive, and listening.

Being present means:

  • To go beyond mass email by integrating other means of communication such as video in order to have more impactful communications (I explain why and how here).
  • To understand the difference between information and communication (I talk about it here).
  • To use influential language, with well-chosen sentence structures and vocabulary, so that your message has the greatest possible impact on people’s behavior.

Being proactive means:

  • To contact your clients before they contact you.
  • To touch base with your potential clients.
  • To contact your centers of influence to see how you can help them help their

Listening intentionally means:

  • To manage your client’s emotions.
  • To show empathy (not sympathy).
  • To develop exceptional listening skills and tp speak to clients in their communication scheme.

An investment for the future

Like finance capital, real estate capital, or any other form of capital, human capital requires a deposit before making a withdrawal.

Be present, proactive, and attentive: in addition to strengthening the relationship with your clients and centers of influence, these three pillars will also be useful in your business development initiatives.

How can they be used as leverage?

If several clients ask you the same question, or if you hear the same concern, you could make a video or blog post on the subject. You could also organize videoconferences with your clients in order to answer their questions (without playing politics, see how Prime Minister François Legault is positioned as a great leader with his constant and reassuring presence).

The best way to build your human capital? Give, give, give. It’s as simple as that.

Remember, in times of crisis, humans look for a leader. Now is the perfect time to position yourself as such.

…because so much more is possible…

Before you go…

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 * Relationship capital, The path to profitable growth through patient loyalty and provider productivity


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