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It’s more than a mathematical theory

In mathematics, exponentiation is a series of repeated multiplications, for example*:

54 = 5 × 5 × 5 × 5 = 625

5−4 = 1/5 × 1/5 × 1/5 × 1/5 = 0.0016

51 = 5

The concept is highly interesting, especially when we apply it in other areas of our life: our goals in business.

Recently, I read The Why cafe by John P. Strelecky, and a passage caught particularly my attention:

The theory of exponential numbers specifies that if you say something to individuals, and you entice them in turn to tell it to others, and these other individuals telling it also to more individuals, then before you know it, your message would have reached much more people than just those you spoke to in person.

I am convinced that by reading this passage, some people will think of their approach about obtaining client referrals and will say to themselves that “if I tell clients that I welcome new ones, they will mention it to others, and I will have more clients.”

How about if we looked at things more intentionally, in a more strategic way?

Sales, business development, growth, influence – it is a transfer of enthusiasm, a transfer of emotions. I often mention the following: Harvard already demonstrated that 95% of decisions are made based on emotions.

What if instead of thinking of having more clients, we put the emphasis on spreading an emotion?

Joy, love, cheerfulness, serenity, trust, happiness, calm, peace, optimistic, fulfilled, freedom…

For example, if you wish to spread freedom (freedom to live life according to what I call “own rules of the game [of life]”, free from “I must, I should, it must be, it should be, etc.”, what would you do different? In your daily life? In managing your business? In your meetings with clients?

If you embody freedom, you’ll model the way to your clients (and future clients!) who are seeking the same emotion of freedom.

I want that

Ultimately, that’s our role of trusted advisors… To fulfill a deeply felt need (emotion) and not only a superficial desire (to have enough money for retirement for example).

At the other end, if the emotion that you are conveying expresses lack or fear, your exponential impact will be greatly diminished – go back and look again at the illustrated calculations at the beginning of my article. A negative exponential reduces the amplitude of the outcome.

How about between the two?

If you keep the emotion to yourself, the message that you wish to share – the difference that you want to make, the legacy that you want to leave behind – either by not sharing it or by not being truly aware of it (which is what I often see). The impact, your impact, will be limited to you only, or just about.

Personally, my mission is to help people, entrepreneurs, to help them realize that so much more is possible AND execute on their potential. I talk about it regularly with my clients, and this is what I advise through my programs and communicate it in my marketing.

Self-actualization 1 000
Help more people to achieve their goals so that in turn, they help others realize their potential.

Recently, I was offering a series of masterclasses and I shared with the participants a promise that I made to myself: on my death bed, I want to tell myself that I gave all what I had to give! So, if it is my intention, then it’s my responsibility to apply the theory of exponential numbers.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world!”
Mahatma Gandhi

I finish with an invitation to introspection…

What if instead of acquiring (clients, assets, material goods, accolades, etc.), we think of distributing, spreading emotions?

What emotion would you like to spread in the world around you?

Because when we’re truly aligned, and truly embody our message, we see that in life …so much more is possible

It is always with great pleasure that I read your comments. You can contact me here, and stay in touch via the social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and now Instagram.

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