Finally, it’s summer! Time to chill and recap our business initiatives for the first half of the year.

What should we do if our business results don’t meet up to the goals we set out in January? First, take a step back. We must leverage this quieter period of the year to focus on the management of the business, to think strategically about our vision and put in place a solid foundation for the second half of the year.


Here are some key questions to ask yourself at this time of the year:

  • Am I using the right performance indicator to assess the management of my business?
  • Which initiatives have given the expected results?
  • Which have not?
  • Should I continue, modify or quit a strategy or a project?
  • Which strategies/projects have not been implemented as planned?
  • And for what reason? Is it because no deadline has been established? Is this because no one was formally appointed as responsible for the progress of the project? Is this due to a lack of resources?

Take the challenge to move forward

I’ll personally challenge you to question your ideas and your business plan. Progress and improvement are the results of your actions, day after day after day.

Do not give up on the year simply because the first six months haven’t met to your expectations. Do the complete opposite, summer is the best time to course correct.

Roll up your sleeves and go get help (this can be from a colleague, a mentor, a team member, your family, a friend, a coach). Find someone who will challenge you, who will motivate you and help you so you can really move forward and reach your business goals.

Don’t just sit there!

What if you reached your goals or even surpassed them? You should still leverage this mid-year review to recap and ask yourself these questions:

  • Were my goals ambitious enough?
  • Were they too conservative, too “safe to achieve”?
  • What if I really stepped out of my comfort zone, what goals would I really want to achieve?

Challenge yourself and re-evaluate your goals. Challenge your team and don’t hesitate to reach for higher goals.

Just go for it!

We all know that to succeed in business, we need audacity and perseverance. I’ll repeat myself here: if your mid-results aren’t as you expected, don’t just through away the entire year. In other words: Do not throw the baby out with the bath water. I encourage you to persevere, reassess your action plan and just do it.

Let me wrap it up with this great quote from Wayne Gretzky: “One hundred percent of the things that we do not attempt fail.” Now, go out there and make the second half of this year extraordinary!

Join in the conversation

Now I’d love to hear from you, let me know: How is your year coming along? Are you behind or ahead compared to where you wanted to be? How are you going to make the second half the best half of the year? Let me know by clicking here.

Until next time! Stay strong, you never know who you’re inspiring!


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