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As we slowly deconfine, offices cautiously reopen their doors and there’s whisper of “back to normal” on everybody’s lips.

But think about it. What does the concept of “back to normal” even mean?

As you know, my goal is help entrepreneurs live and lead with purpose… Remember back in 2017, when Celine Dion launched her handbag line? During a press conference, she admitted her very protective manager (and husband) had always handled everything for her; every aspect pre-decided, every move programmed in advance. With no say whatsoever, she’d just show up and execute.

At the end of her speech, she said “Well, now… I’m the boss”. Starting right then and there, she’d be the one calling the shots for her shows, her kids, her handbags, and everything else that mattered.

We become entrepreneurs to do things our way. And though we want that freedom, often (much too often), I meet entrepreneurs who are slaves to their business. They’ve gone from having 1 boss, to having 253 in the form of clients dictating how they should operate.

  • I must meet clients in the evenings.
  • My clients should be able to text, call, or email me anytime.
  • I meet with my clients quarterly because that’s what they like or ask of me.
  • I have too many clients, but I can’t let anyone go.
  • I’ve always given gifts during the Holidays so I can’t stop now. My clients expect them and would be disappointed.
  • And the list goes on and on.

It’s like building your own golden cage and locking yourself in, while the escape key sits in your pocket all long…

What if you told yourself “Now…I’m the boss” of my life, my business, and my time. What would you do differently?

When I ask this question, my clients all react the same way: a deep exhale, a smile, with visions of freedom popping into their minds:

  • I’d never work evenings.
  • I’d conduct at least half of my meetings online.
  • I’d let go of some of my clients to have more time for myself.
  • I’d work from the cottage all summer long.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

If I asked you the same question, what would you say?

Instead of a “back to normal”, what if you created a “back to what I really want”?

Because to help our clients make their dreams come true, perhaps we should start with our own aspirations.

Become a Celine!


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