To be successful, any entrepreneur must offer more than just products or services. Today, a professional distinguishes himself by his approach, the relationship created with its clients and the quality and consistency of the client experience offered. I had the opportunity to sit down with Jasmin Bergeron, a keynote speaker whose passion and energy are contagious. Jasmin has given over a thousand conferences on the topic. He generously agreed to share with me the key elements of the WOW effect!

What is the WOW effect?

It’s a moment of wonder that your client will remember. The WOW effect is small gestures, attention to client-specific details, or any other action that may make your client feel important and goes beyond his expectations. In other words, says Jasmin: “Promise LESS and give MORE”. Make it happen to your clients and they will become influential ambassadors for your business.

How to create the WOW effect?

No. 1 The importance of the last impression
We often talk about the importance of the first impression. However, according to some studies, the WOW effect occurs, in a proportion of more than 75%, in the last minutes of a meeting or an event. Jasmin’s recommendation is therefore very simple: “finish on a high note”.

At the end of a meeting, how can you create the WOW effect for your client?

  • Value the client for his approach, reassure him on his choice and discuss friendly and personal things.
  • Pay special attention to details: dates that are important for them, the names of their children, their dreams and desires, end your conversation on topics that are important to them.
  • Set the table for the next meeting, for example: “Mr. Johnson, our next meeting will be on (date) and we will discuss (topic).” Demonstrate your rigor.
  • At the end of an email, wish the recipient a great day.

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No. 2 Identify and manage expectations
According to Jasmin, when you know your client’s expectations, you are better equipped to easily create the WOW effect. His advice? Find out what the client wants from you.

Here’s an example of a situation to create the WOW effect: Have you ever told a client or a colleague: “I’ll call you back by noon”? If you contact him at noon, he will probably be happy, no more. However, if you promised to call him “before the end of the day” and you contact him at noon, he should be much more satisfied. In both cases, you called at noon, but the degree of satisfaction is different. It depends on the promise you made to him. The unexpected little things make the difference!

What you can do

  • Segment your clientele to develop a service plan (frequency and duration of meetings) for all your clients.
  • Develop a roadmap, an action plan, to link their dreams/goals and the path you will take to get them there.
  • Clearly communicate your service plan while being flexible for your client.
  • Focus your conversations on their desires and evolution. The rest, trends, news, are just noise. Always return to their expectations and desires.
  • Contact your client at a special moment for him (departure for a long-awaited trip, important date for their company, etc.)

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No. 3 The WOW effect: a matter of perception
Make sure your clients know everything you do for them. “How do you want people to say WOW! If they aren’t been aware of your actions? “says Jasmin.

In your business, this concept applies as much to your clients, potential clients, centers of influence as to your team. For example:

  • When meeting with a client, mention (delicately) the work you have done in the background to arrive at your conclusion or decision.
  • Send an article of interest to a future client with a personalized note such as “I found this article of particular interest to you. I hope you find it interesting.”
  • Take care of a member of your team (the WOW is also very important in your team): “I passed by a Belgian pastry this morning, I know you love their chocolate and I brought a little box for your home.”

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No. 4 Interest + enthusiasm = an automatic WOW!
After spending 10 years studying the WOW effect, Jasmin says enthusiastic and passionate people are the ones who create the most WOW, by far. So demonstrate your passion for your clients and their families every day, demonstrate that beyond the degrees, titles, and expertise you bring, you have their peace of mind and interest at heart.

Create a last impression with unexpected little details, exceeded your client’s expectations, with a contagious enthusiasm. It’s a winning business development strategy!

Jasmin Bergeron, a keynote speaker who brings WOW to people who will make live the WOW in return! I invite you to visit his site:

Now, go out there and create the WOW!

Sara Gilbert

P.S. When you’re ready, here are some ways I can help you design YOUR success.

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