We receive an average of 147 emails daily and take two and a half hours to read those emails in our inbox every day. In light of this, how can you write a good title for your next newsletter or blog post that will make you stand out?

We’ve all received articles and research reports where the headline wasn’t engaging, although it may have had very interesting content. But when it comes to writing to make your business standout, your headline is the most important part, here’s why:

The headline is what makes the difference as to whether or not your recipient thinks your newsletter or blog post is worth their time. Apart from a well-chosen image, it is often the only way to get your clients, potential clients and centers of influence to click.

Without a good headline, hardly anyone will be able to know more about you and what you are offering. And if they’re not learning about you and your services, you will not be able to make a sale or make a difference. If you don’t get to make a sale or make a difference, why do it in the first place?

Here, I will share 4 ways to create eye-catching headlines.

Between the following 2 newsletter headlines, which one would draw your attention and get you to read the message?

  1. American presidency : a global financial market update
  2. Financial markets: Trump’s victory, don’t despair!

The second one, obviously.  The first headline will make you feel like dragging the email into your computer trash can without even opening it! A headline always has two goals. First, draw the recipient’s attention so he stops what he’s doing and the second, make him want to keep reading.

[tweetthis]A headline has 2 goals: Make the reader stop what he’s doing and make him want to keep reading.[/tweetthis]

2 basic rules

Here are the two basic rules to remember when you create your headlines:

No. 1: Make it short

The shorter the message, the more eye-catching it will be and easier to remember. You can find inspiration in your Twitter news feed, Facebook feed, billboards and pay attention to the magazine’s cover pages, you will see what I mean – these copywriters are creative geniuses!

No. 2: Create curiosity

Headlines are everywhere and the key to creating a good one is to make sure it does one thing: make the reader curious. Think about it, what makes you keep reading anything? It’s the fact that you want to know more, and that’s what curiosity does.

Here are 4 headline formulas that use curiosity. They all have one thing in common, they all make the right person say, ‘I need to know more.’

4 methods to help you create headlines

The ‘This/These’ specific deadline

These all use the words ‘this’ or ‘these’ to imply there’s a specific tool, technique, or idea that the reader doesn’t know. The brain automatically wants to hear the answer. It asks, ‘Which ones?’ This is a very effective brain hook.

Here are some examples:

  • Do these three things every day and you’ll live to be a hundred
  • These 2 types of LinkedIn posts need to go away
  • Which one of these 5 mistakes are you making on a daily basis?

The ‘How To’ headline

It’s pretty direct about what you’re getting here. The words ‘how to’ are so simple and make the solution sound simple too. And everyone likes simplicity today.

Here are some examples:

  • How to write a good title for your next newsletter or blog post
  • How to write an ebook in 4 days
  • How to save on your taxes this year

The list headline

Even if you think this one is overused (like I did), it’s not. Our brains like specific numbers, reasons, and rationales.

Here are some examples:

  • 5 marketing mistakes to avoid
  • The top 10 mistakes of entrepreneurs
  • The 7 typical mistakes of new managers and how to avoid them

The problem solving headline

Our brain is designed for problem-solving, especially when those problems concern us.

Here are some examples:

  • Wondering how to fund your kid’s education? Here’s the plan!
  • Not sleeping well? Try this, it works wonders!
  • Planning your dream vacation? Here are the best destinations!

What is the power of a good headline?

The positive impacts of a good headline include:

  • Intrigue the recipient and spark their curiosity
  • Increase reading ratio
  • Increase the number of shares of your articles
  • Ensure that the subsequent articles will be read (as long as you have relevant content)

Whether it is via your newsletter, social media or blog, establishing a relationship with your current clients, potential clients and centers of influence allows you to be present while giving them the opportunity to communicate with you.

Ah! While reading your newsletter, I thought we could meet to talk about…

Communication is such a crucial element in your business development, and should never be ignored.

Provide :

  • 1 eye-catching headline
  • 1 relevant content
  • 1 relevant text

Get :

  • Intrigued readers
  • Increased number of sharing of your communications
  • Clients who tell you about a recent need they have (without waiting for your next meeting)
  • Potential clients who think of you regularly
  • Centers of influence who appreciate the relevant information you bring and share it in turn with potential clients

Join in the conversation

Which of the four presented methods seems to be the most interesting for your type of business? How do you plan to integrate it into your communications? Share your comments by clicking here.

To your success!


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