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Celebration, a daily winning business strategy

A while ago I read a book that changed my life: Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul. I don’t recommend it to everyone. It’s very science and data-driven, but since it made an impression on me, it seems natural to share with you the inspiring ideas I took away from it.

Like many entrepreneurs, I’m passionate about what I do – yes, helping people reach their goals, to help them execute on their potential is truly my passion. That’s great, but sometimes you just forget to have fun, to play (I’m sure you understand what I’m saying).

It doesn’t mean that you and I don’t know how to have fun, it means that too often we get completely absorbed by our passion.

Playing is essential

I won’t do a complete book review, neither here nor on my YouTube channel. I find it more appropriate to highlight certain key passages of the book which lead us to see play from a different perspective…

Entering a forest where there is no path and discovering our own path is an essential part of the life transforming experience.

The importance of having experiences that might seem unusual to us, such as volunteering or trying something new, is a key part of living a well-balanced, fulfilling life.

My question for you…

Do you take the time to do new experiences, things that are out of the ordinary, something you’ve been dreaming of for a while? I’m going to go skydiving this summer – ok, it’s not my choice, but I’m going anyway!

The opposite of play is not work; it’s depression.

Our innate need for variety and challenge can be stifled by a sense of responsibility. In the long run, when these moments of joy are missing, we are a shadow of our former selves.

My question for you…

What emotion do you associate with playing? Laziness, cowardice, lack of seriousness? Or diversity, enthusiasm, life? The emotion you associate with play determines whether or not you will allow fun into your life.

When the going gets tough, the tough ones will go and play.

When all employees are focused on the possibility of personal or collective failure, a gloomy atmosphere undermines the energy and optimism needed for success. At this point, playing gives people the emotional distance to come together. Productivity is important, but creativity is the source of growth, whether it’s new products, new techniques, new services, or new solutions.

My question for you…

When the stress level is at its highest and the whole team is busy, who in your team is in charge of bringing down the stress level? Bringing joy, fun, and humor to the office? If no one occupies this role (either formally or informally) the gloomy vibe will slowly become the team’s culture.

What has been called the knowledge economy is being overtaken by the creative economy.

Let’s remember that at the turn of the 20th century, businesses didn’t want thinking workers; they wanted people who could effectively repeat the same task on the assembly line. What we need most today is to have entrepreneurs and creative teams in order to find innovative solutions.

My question for you…

Is there room for creativity within your team? In the way you do things and in the client-experience you provide? The new battleground in business is the client-experience, and it is a direct reflection of your team culture.

Finding our balance

As a business strategist and coach, I often give my clients a simple and fun “homework” assignment: to create opportunities to celebrate as a team, whether it’s going out for dinner, hosting a BBQ, or any other fun activity. The idea is not to do something huge and out of this world but to strengthen the team, build a winning team culture and create momentum.

The more we celebrate our actions, the more positive reinforcement it generates. And the more positive reinforcement, the more we take action. And so on…

Work and play are the two pillars of our lives. When there is too much play in our life, we lose the sense of contribution (which is an innate human need; ask your retired clients!).

When we work too much, we lose sense of the essence of life. The important thing is to find your balance between the two (you noticed that I wrote “your” balance because it varies greatly from person to person; there is no one size fits all).

So, I’m asking you: do you take the time to celebrate your actions?

Not only when you sign a new client, but also when you take an action that’s under “your” control. You don’t control a person’s decision to become your client or not, but you can control the actions you take to meet potential clients!

Even if you haven’t signed a new client this month, you may have achieved another goal. We don’t want to wait for great achievements to celebrate, on the contrary; because one small action leads to another, and then another…

Creating a positive dynamic

So, do you take the time to celebrate as a team? Take the time to take the time … Yes, we can say thank you to our assistant at the end of the week. But the greatest gift you can give someone is to give them what you have most precious – time.

Take the time to build solid relationships with your team, to discuss topics other than clients, accounts, administration, and daily life.

Take the time to congratulate your business partners or strategic alliances, to laugh, to discuss, to build relationships.

Business success is not an individual success; we all know the importance of being well surrounded. We understand the importance of building close relationships with our clients. But the bonds you build with your team and business partners are the most essential to your success.

When people celebrate, when people are happy, this emotion becomes contagious. It is transmitted to clients and gives momentum to all business projects.

This month, I invite you to save a moment in your calendar to celebrate your actions (not your results), to sincerely thank the people around you for the actions they have accomplished, and to simply celebrate.

Want to be more successful? Take the time to celebrate!

Because when we start celebrating, we see that …so much more is possible

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